Remote Rain Level Monitoring

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Ellenex Tipping Spoon Rain Sensor for Remote Rain Level Monitoring

Effectively monitor and manage rainfall levels in remote and flood-prone areas with Ellenex's battery-operated Tipping Spoon Rain Sensor. Designed to leverage NB-IoT technology, this innovative solution delivers accurate, near real-time data for rain monitoring applications.

Key Features

  • Near real-time data transmission: Ellenex sensors transmit data every few hours for timely information on rainfall levels.
  • Reliable performance in harsh environments: Ruggedized and IP65-rated, these sensors are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh industrial applications.
  • Low power consumption: Battery-operated and designed for longevity, these sensors require minimal maintenance and battery replacement.
  • Enhanced data accuracy: The Tipping Spoon Rain Sensor offers precise rainfall measurements for accurate data collection and improved flood prevention strategies.
  • Scalability: NB-IoT technology allows for seamless integration of multiple sensors, making it easy to expand your monitoring system as needed.

Experience the benefits of Ellenex's Tipping Spoon Rain Sensor for remote rain level monitoring, and contribute to effective flood prevention and management. Purchase yours today!



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