Plug and Play Water Tank Level Monitoring Solution

Delivery to any address in more than 100 listed countries in our shipping list. Before ordering, be sure you have coverage for NB IoT or Cat M1 in your area. Please contact if you have any question.

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This product comes with a Standard ONE Year Warranty and bundled Full Access to the Platform and Free SIM, Connectivity, and Mobile App; extendable to THREE Years

  • End-to-End Level Monitoring: The Ellenex wireless water tank level monitor is a submersible liquid tank monitoring system designed to measure and provide detailed information with high accuracy about liquid storage tanks in a wide range of industrial fields.
  • Suitable for metal, plastic, and concrete tanks
  • Ruggedised, IP rated, and UV resistant, manufactured from SS316L sensor head and High-Grade POM Housing. 
  • State of the Art Technology: The wireless level indicator operates based on LPWAN communication technologies, NB IoT/ LTE Cat M1. It has superior signal coverage and can be controlled via a mobile app or dashboard, for hassle-free tank level monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Platform and Mobile App, easy setup for visualisation, setting alerts and changing sampling frequency.  
  • Low Power Consumption: Our water level sensor features a battery-operated system with a lifespan of more than 10 years with an average of 3-4 transmissions per day, recording a low power consumption and superior performance even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Plug and Play Installation: This professional wireless submersible water tank level indicator doesn’t need extra power tools, configurations, setup drivers, or any specific maintenance, as it arrives pre-configured and ready to install in just 5 minutes. 
  • Trusted by thousands of clients in more than 50 countries. 


Product Info

Wireless submersible tank level system;
Uses NB IoT/ LTE Cat M1 communication technologies;
Accurate and reliable;
Built to resist harsh environmental conditions;
Ultra-low power consumption;
Battery lifespan: 10 years (3-4 transmissions per day);
Suitable for liquid media compatible with SS316L;
Hardware, software, SIM connectivity included;
Pre-configured design;
Hassle-free installation;
Great for water tank, diesel tank, flood level monitoring and more;
Plug and play design;
Supports alarm settings;
App controlled;

Standard sensor range is 3 meters. If your tank size is larger than 3 meters please contact us before placing an order.

One year replacement warranty against any defect or malfunction. Please visit our T&Cs on the website
Connectivity Platform Subscription:
One year of full access to the platform and SIM card cost is included in the price. subscription cost after one year and so on is $7.4 per month paid annually.