Fish and Oyster farm temperature and water salinity monitoring

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Upgrade Your Aquaculture Monitoring with Ellenex Salinity Sensors

Take your fish and oyster farming operations to the next level with Ellenex battery-operated Salinity Sensors and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology. Experience efficient and accurate monitoring of water temperature and salinity levels, ensuring optimal growth and health of your aquatic species.

Why Choose Ellenex Salinity Sensors and NB-IoT Technology?

Ellenex Salinity Sensors are designed with the needs of the aquaculture industry in mind. These rugged, battery-operated sensors are built to withstand harsh industrial applications and are IP65 rated. With the integration of NB-IoT technology, Ellenex Salinity Sensors provide near real-time data transmission, allowing you to monitor and manage water quality remotely.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient water quality monitoring: Reduce labor and time spent on manual water quality monitoring with automated data collection and transmission.
  • Precision and accuracy: Achieve improved accuracy of temperature and salinity measurements, ensuring optimal conditions for your aquatic species.
  • Near real-time data transmission: Make informed decisions with near real-time access to crucial water quality data.
  • Enhanced sustainability: Contribute to a more sustainable and efficient aquaculture industry through precise monitoring and management.
  • Minimal environmental impact: Reduce your farm's environmental footprint with precise control over water quality parameters.

Get Started with Ellenex Salinity Sensors Today

Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your fish and oyster farming operations. Purchase your Ellenex battery-operated Salinity Sensors with NB-IoT technology today and experience the benefits of efficient and accurate water temperature and salinity monitoring.



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