Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring in Remote Industrial Water Treatment Units

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Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Solution for Remote Industrial Water Treatment Units

Ensure consistent water quality and improve your industrial water treatment operations with Ellenex's advanced Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring solution. Designed for the remote industrial environment, our solution is rugged, reliable, and delivers near real-time results.

Unrivaled Performance with Battery-Operated, Rugged Sensors

With a strong IP65 rating, our Dissolved Oxygen Sensors are crafted to withstand the toughest industrial applications. The sensor is battery-operated, which means there's no need to worry about constant power supply or changing the battery frequently. Our ruggedised sensors are designed for longevity, durability and to provide accurate monitoring, irrespective of the environmental conditions.

Next Generation Monitoring with NB-IoT Technology

Leveraging NB-IoT technology, our Dissolved Oxygen Sensors offer enhanced connectivity and broader coverage, ideal for remote locations. They transmit data every few hours, ensuring you have near real-time insights into the dissolved oxygen levels of your water treatment units. The integration of NB-IoT technology also ensures minimal battery consumption, further enhancing the sensor's lifespan and reliability.

Trust in Ellenex

For years, Ellenex has been synonymous with high-quality, dependable industrial monitoring solutions. We're dedicated to providing advanced, innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific water quality monitoring needs. Our commitment to quality, durability, and precision is evident in every product we offer.

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You can download the datasheet from our solution page on ellenex.com


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