Airflow monitoring in HVAC Systems

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Airflow Monitoring in HVAC Systems with Ellenex Battery-operated Sensors

Optimize your HVAC system's performance and energy efficiency with Ellenex's battery-operated differential pressure and temperature sensors. These ruggedized and IP65-rated sensors utilize NB-IoT technology to deliver near real-time airflow monitoring, allowing for better control over your HVAC system.

Key Features of Ellenex Battery-operated Sensors:

  • Energy-efficient: Battery-operated sensors require no additional power source, ensuring low energy consumption and easy maintenance.
  • Ruggedized design: Built to withstand harsh industrial applications, all Ellenex products are IP65 rated unless otherwise mentioned.
  • NB-IoT technology: Leverage NB-IoT for scalable and easy integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Near real-time monitoring: Ellenex sensors transmit data every few hours, providing near real-time insights into HVAC system performance.

Benefits of Using Ellenex Sensors for HVAC Airflow Monitoring:

  1. Enhanced energy efficiency: Accurate airflow monitoring enables better control over HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  2. Improved comfort: By maintaining optimal temperature distribution, occupants experience a more comfortable indoor environment.
  3. Easy installation and maintenance: Battery-operated sensors require no additional power source, making them simple to install and maintain.
  4. Long-lasting performance: Ruggedized sensors with IP65 rating ensure durability and reliability in harsh industrial applications.
  5. Scalability: The NB-IoT technology allows for easy integration with existing infrastructure and the ability to scale up as needed.

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Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your HVAC system's efficiency and enhance indoor comfort with Ellenex's battery-operated differential pressure and temperature sensors. Purchase your solution now and experience the benefits of near real-time airflow monitoring using NB-IoT technology.



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